Dear friends, Dear ISUOG members,

We are pleased to announce that the 9th edition of the "Nouvelles Journées d'Echographie Fœtale" (NJEF) annual congress of the French College of Fetal Ultrasound, will be held from Friday November 11th to Sunday November 13th at the Novotel Tour Eiffel, in the center of Paris.

The NJEF is the only one organized by a learned society in the field of fetal ultrasound.

Since 2012, you are more than 400 professionals coming to share each year with the CFEF what makes the success of this event :

  • Practical workshops with patients : 30 workshops on all themes of the 2nd and 3rd trimester

  • Workshops on simulators, for a first grip, or to explore the most common pathologies, in particular of the heart and the brain

  • Livescans to benefit from the experience of renowned experts

  • Interactive workshops : Quizzes, Questions and Answers, Steps to take, Genetics for sonographers, 1st trimester screening for the risk of pre-eclampsia, Semiological analysis of images, “Speed-dating” workshops

  • Clinical cases presented by college students, who came to share episodes of “real life” with many images

  • Electronic posters

  • Very rich plenaries to consolidate your knowledge and acquire new ones during exciting presentations

    Availability of speakers
    The presence of all manufacturers involved in fetal ultrasound

    The legendary friendliness of the CFEF, the permanent interactivity and the technological innovations which will make it possible to appreciate even more the scientific quality of the congress.

    On Friday, you can combine practical workshops, Livescan and simulators with interactive workshops during an incredibly rewarding day.

    Saturday and Sunday will be entirely devoted to plenary sessions.

    Many symposiums or additional presentations will also be offered.

    - A personalized welcome,
    - A magnificently equipped amphitheater which allows an optimal vision for all,
    - Rooms perfectly suited to different types of workshops,
    - Quality catering and accommodation at extremely competitive conference prices.
    - Special rates for ISUOG members and moreover for whom attended to World Congress in London !
    - Translation from French to English for all plenary sessions, practical workshops with a english speaking trainer

    As every year, we will do everything to make this congress as interesting and profitable as possible.

    The fetus is the CFEF !

    For the organizing committee

    Philippe Boukobza : pboukobza@wanadoo.fr + 33 6 19 43 22 69